Andrew Burgess

a.k.a. andrew8088


I'm a Christian, a writer, a web developer, and a student. I hold a conservative Christian worldview and want to honour God in everything I do.

While there's a good chance you know me as a web developer, I consider myself primarily a writer (this week). I've been writing since before I could actually form letters with a pencil. For the last few years, I've been writing mainly tutorials (with a few reviews sprinkled here and there), but I think I can write in other few genres.

I've been interested in computers since my tween years; I've dabbled with at least a dozen programming languages (including C#, Java, Objective-C, and others), but by far my favourites (and the ones I use almost exclusively) are JavaScript and Ruby. This pulls me back and forth between front- and back-end development: I love the idea of turning a creative design into a responsive reality, but I also love server admin and playing in the terminal. I guess for now I'll be a jack of all trades.

Like I said, I'm also a student. I'm currently studying Computing and Information Systems at the University of Athabasca, in Alberta, Canada (the university's in Alberta; I'm in Ontario: online learning FTW).

If you're wondering about my screen name—andrew8088—you'll probably be disappointed. Anyway, here's the story: in late February 2008, I was switching to Gmail (from Hotmail). I'd created one Gmail account, but wasn't happy with that email address (a06p18b AT gmail; I know, ugly), so I decided to come up with something else. For some reason, I decided to go with 'andrew' and a number (in retrospect, not a great idea, but it's worked out). I tried a few numbers, wanting to find something that had a good ring. Well, I'd just been studying old CPUs for my A+ certification, and had been reading about the Intel 8088. So, that's what I went with. Sorry, but I said you'd be disappointed.

You're still reading? I'll end with this. I've got nine younger siblings (I'm the oldest). I'm 21 and the youngest is 3. Yes, we all have the same parents. Yes, it's a lot awesome-r than you think. No, we don't fight . . . much.